Summer is here! After months of up and down temperatures and a lot of rain, we can finally plan our beach trips and go shopping for this season’s newest beachwear and accessories. This year, I am focusing on comfort and colors. It’s also important to stock up on sunscreen! Let’s check out some of the coolest fashions and accessories for the beach this summer!

  1. Gucci Slides — Although slides have been a summer staple, these slides are fun and comfortable. This season’s slides have are all about color, from just a little in the band or the entire slide. The fun patterns include the famous Gucci logo, tigers and florals. The new slides include the Marmont Kiltie Fringe Sandal, Senior GC Slide Sandal and the Shiner Interlocking-G Slide Sandal. Gucci slides have a range of prices and are stylish to go from the beach to nighttime events.
  2. Havaianas — There are 200 styles of these popular flip flops! Go to the beach, shopping or just hang out with friends in the fun beach must-haves. The new styles are full of color and have a variety of straps, such as the Habisco, Pollen Yellow (kids), St. Tropez, and the Nautical White/White (men). The Shell Mesh White is a website exclusive!
  3. High-waisted Swimsuits — Swimsuits have come a long way since the 1800s. Could you imagine swimming or tanning in a heavy wool gown? Thank goodness bathing suits today, whether a bikini or one-piece, are more comfortable and made of materials that are breathable and flexible. Styles are always changing and designers always seem to put an element of vintage into their designs. This year, high-waisted suits are the trend. Not only are the fun, they are also flattering for the waist!
  4. Coverups — From mesh to jerseys, you’ll find a coverup this season that fits any budget. They come in many cuts, so you can show off your swimsuit or have total coverage. Not only are they great to wear to the beach, but many are so cute they can be worn to dinner! Designers to watch are Roxy, Milken, and Surf Gypsy.
  5. Beach Totes — Whether you choose function or form, totes this season are big, colorful and roomy. There are a ton on styles, including stripes, solids, beach ropes, and multi-pockets. And you don’t have to go high-end to get an adorable tote! Target has a cute straw tote and Malirona has a huge price range.